Another Year…

As should be fairly obvious I don’t post here as often as I should. I mostly keep a paper journal that’s very private and not meant for anyone else other than me. I’ve been doing this since around 1978 or so and they’ve been piling up in a bookcase in the apartment.

I write with a fountain pen. It’s a Pelikan classic M200 with a black cap and a green body. I started using Pelikan pens thanks to an old friend in Berlin who swore by them as they have an internal pump and no need for cartridges. I’m currently using Waterman ink.

Writing with a fountain pen isn’t for everyone for sure but it is a pleasure and makes me very happy. Pens like this adapt to the hand and give a bit of an interesting feel compared to other types of pens.

Paper has changed, and I think that’s somewhat a result of technology. Ink and paper have a symbiotic relationship that’s not a trifling one. You can’t use paper that doesn’t go with the writing instrument and be a happy writer.

After years of working with nice, pedestrian, quad ruled composition books I’ve been forced to go the Moleskine route and use a more expensive notebook as the cheaper books aren’t dealing with the ink all that well.

Needless as it is to say this isn’t as much of a pleasure. It reminds me of Roland Barthes and Biarritz. “No progress in pleasures; nothing but mutations…”

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